About Steve Johnson

Write-in candidate for Idaho State Senate, District 1 — Write-in against Scott Herndon

Doing real work for real issues North Idahoans face

Steve Johnson has deep roots in North Idaho

I have lived in North Idaho since 1957, so I have deep roots and a comprehensive understanding of North Idaho. I was raised on the family farm in Sagle, where I still live, and I learned from an early age what it means to work hard, to follow our dreams and to appreciate our blessings. I graduated from Sandpoint High School  and received my teaching degree from the University of Idaho. I spent more than 40 years in education as an elementary and high school teacher and principal. Marguerite and I raised our four children on the family farm, and we are blessed to have our children and grandchildren living close by.

I am an experienced problem solver and community leader. I know how to listen, and I know what issues are important to our community. When I am elected to the Idaho State Senate, I will work to bring money back to North Idaho to fix our potholes, roads, and infrastructure. I’ll support funding for education, and I will work to lower your property taxes. As North Idaho continues to grow, I’ll support policies that ensure we preserve our rural lifestyle and the area’s beauty. Because let’s face it: that’s why we all live here, right? 

On your ballot, under “Legislative District 1, for State Senator” you’ll see my opponent’s name, Scott Herndon. Under his name will be a blank line. Write in Steve Johnson, and fill in the bubble next to it, to cast your vote for me to be your next State Senator.

We’d love to hear from you

This is our state and I want to keep it the wonderful place it is. Your opinion matters and I look forward to your comments and questions.

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Example of how to write in Steve Johnson's name on the ballot
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